Where are you going on your honeymoon?

I am sure you get asked that question a lot from your family and friends.  I am also sure you get a lot of input from other friends and family who’ve honeymooned and said you should go where they went because they had a great time.  I know I did when I booked my honeymoon back in May of 2008.  I wasn’t a travel agent yet (we did book through a local agency) and I was a few years away from realizing that booking other people trips is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  The best part about using a Travel Agent to book your honeymoon is the amazing amount of time that you will save; rather than trying to research it on your own.  You have so much going on already with all the wedding planning and this is just one thing that doesn’t cost you any extra and will save you lots of time.  All of my services are 100% free; there is no cost to you as the vendors themselves pay us for booking at their resort.

I am here to help guide you, listen to your wants and needs and match you up with the perfect honeymoon destination that checks off all your boxes.  No two honeymoons are the same, as all of my clients have different needs and wants, that is why I make sure to customize each honeymoon to the couple.  I have a good friend and co-worker who always says: “A vacation is not a happy meal.”  Meaning; no two vacations are the same as everyone’s wants & needs are different.

My job as an agent is to find you the best deal within the parameters you want out of the vacation.

Let's dive into the Top Honeymoon Destinations and some thoughts I have on them...

Caribbean Islands

The common misconception with the Caribbean is that all islands are all the same. There are actually a lot of differences between the islands and it is my job to guide you to the one that fits what you are looking for.

The most popular Caribbean Islands that my Honeymoon clients book are:
Click on the islands for more information on these top destinations…

There are, of course, more beautiful islands and I have sold most of them; but these are the top one’s that most clients choose.

Why not book online or direct if it costs the same?

Answer: This is a question I have received many times over the years and the answer is: “Once you book your vacation with them they don’t keep an eye out on new promotions and discounts that might come out after you already deposited.  I will keep an eye out on New sales and promotions and as long as they are applicable for your travel dates I will apply them to your bookings to save you money.  I have had clients that booked on-site with a resort in the Caribbean for a future stay and transferred the booking back over to us once they returned home and luckily they did because we ended up saving them over $1,200 with a new promotion.  Had they not transferred the booking back to us they might have missed out on that savings because they would have had to keep an eye on the promotions themselves as the resorts don’t do that for them.
Plus my vacation planning services are 100% Free.  We get paid from the vendors themselves for selling their product.  You are also supporting local business when you book through a local agent.