London, Paris, Barcelona, & Madrid with Monograms

Clients recently had the chance to embark on a European Vacation of a lifetime.  The trip included 3 Nights in London, 3 Nights in Paris, 3 Nights in Barcelona, & 3 Nights in Madrid.  I booked them with Monograms which is an Independent Escorted Tour Company (owned by Globus a fully escorted tour company).  The best way to describe Monograms is….It is the perfect vacations for clients that like to be on their own; but still want the convenience of having a tour company and someone to lean on for any questions while they are in each city.

With Monograms from the minute you arrive in your first City you get greeted at the airport by a Monograms representative.  They then take you to your hotel to the dedicated Monograms desk and Monograms agent sits down with you and checks you in; gives you all your pre-arranged train tickets / or inter-country airline tickets, any pre-arranged extra optional excursions you added (beyond the ones that were already included), tells you about the city; great restaurants to try out; what is the best sightseeing and best ways to get around when you are on your own.

After meeting with the Monograms Agent at the first hotel the clients always knew what was coming next because the Monograms team left nothing out.  They knew where to go to meet up with the tour in the morning, in each city they visited; if they needed to change something around Monograms was right there to assist in anyway that they could and made it happen.  A representative took them from the hotel to the train station saw them off; and then when they got off the train in the next city someone was awaiting their arrival with a sign and took them to their next hotel.  The clients never had to think about which way do we turn; where to we go; they just got to enjoy each other and the cities they visited without all the headache of “we made a wrong turn”.

Even when the clients got to the city of Barcelona the representative for Monograms helped them find a laundry mat to go to; to freshen up there clothes from packing light; which they would highly recommend.  Barcelona was their favorite city, they said it was hard to explain why, but it was one of the best meals on the trip and the overall atmosphere was just spectacular.

The clients said that 3 nights in each city was the perfect amount of time because the day they arrived they were able to get settled in and the next morning the Monograms tour included some great guided sightseeing and that tour was done by early afternoon.  They said the sightseeing that was included was fantastic because they had cut to the front of the line passes so they never had to wait to do a tour.  Also, they were given ear buds so they could walk around at their leisure but still get all the facts and history about what they were seeing without having to stand in a large group.  They felt it was very nice that the tours took them around the city, showed them sites as well, along there routes to the main places they were stopping to see.  This gave them a good overview of places they wanted to go back to see later on or the next day.

They would highly recommend the Monograms company to anyone looking to get away on a European Adventure that wants the ease of getting around and not having to question what train to take; where is the hotel from here; what restaurant should we go to tonight.  They thought it was great having a local host in each city at there hotel that they could contact at anytime who would assist them with any of there needs.

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