Travel Rewards

Referral Program

Refer a friend or family member and if they book with me you will earn $50 after they travel on their trip.  Must be a packaged booking (Air, Resort or Cruise). Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Travel Credit Cards

I’ve followed The Points Guy for quite some time now for Travel Rewards Credit Cards and I feel that he some of the best information out their for clients looking to earn rewards to be able to travel more.  
I personally have the Chase Sapphire Reserved after reading through the Points Guys site about the differences between the cards and which one fit me and my family best.  I personally highly recommend this one for someone starting out and wanting to earn miles for trips but doesn’t want a huge annual fee.  The points earned with this card in my opinion definitely out weighs the small annual fee associated with this card.  This card has allowed me to take an extra trip because it covers almost all my flights for my family for our trip.  Flights are a huge chunk of the trip so that is why I think these cards are great; especially if you use a card already anyways; you could be earning points to travel.